sneak peak new crayon shirt hey xoxo

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Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all relaxing and in weekend recovery mode so that you will have a most excellent Monday! #sunday #cactus #cacti #donttouch #custombuttons #pinbackbuttons #buttonlife #buttonmaking #buttonoftheday #swag #buttonswag #justbuttons

Check out my Don’t Touch buttons from my first batch of buttons on the justbuttons blog! waiting for the next round of buttons to be produced by them currently! 

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I got gel pens at target

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Anonymous: Is that dread real?

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great white

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Ears of a Killer

{John Wayne Gacey, Phillip Markoff, Paul Bernardo, Nannie Doss, Viktor Sayenko, Zhang Yongming, Ted Bundy, Anthony Sowell, Charles Manson, Dennis Rader, Albert Fish, David Parker Ray, Aileen Wuornos, Joachim Kroll, Jeffrey Dahmer, Javed Iqbal, Israel Keyes, Gwendolyn Graham, Gary Ridgeway, Dorothea Puente, Andrei Chikatilo, Dr. Virginia Helena Soares de Souza, Ed Gein}

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Dedicated to my dread

what a guy he was

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Terrible Lizard

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